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Analysis for Microsoft Office: Analysis Plug-In Introduction
In this course, you will gain a better understanding on how to work with and analyze data sources using the Analysis plug-in for SAP BusinessObjects Analysis, Edition for Microsoft Excel.  You will learn how to navigate data sources within workbooks, and analyze data using the Analysis Design Panel. You will also learn how to use standard SAP functions to enhance your analysis, basic formatting techniques for your crosstab, and how to plan your data using manual data entry and BW Planning Functions. This course is intended for users who navigate through existing workbooks to analyze the data they contain, as well as users who need to create and maintain these workbooks based on SAP BEx queries, query views and SAP NW BW InfoProviders.

Course Objectives:
- SAP BusinessObjects Analysis Positioning and Overview
- Start the Analysis Add-In
- Insert Data SourcesNavigate Data Sources
- Analyze Data Sources Using the Analysis Design Panel
- Sort and Filter Crosstab Data
- Create New Measures
- Update Hierarchies Within the Crosstab
- Work with Basic SAP Functions
- Insert Components, including Info Fields and Charts
- Use Analysis Planning Features, Including Manual Data Entry and Planning Functions/Sequences
- Convert BEx Workbooks

Completion Period: 1 Month   |   Access to Materials: 1 Month